“I do enjoy these meetings which are extremely informative and what I find most stimulating is the focus on future research.  You are to be congratulated for organising these meetings and I am delighted to take part”

“What a crew! This sounds GREAT!

I really enjoyed the discussions and the whole format of the day
It was the most exciting and thought-provoking meeting that I have ever attended
Thanks for allowing me to attend the Symposium on rectal cancer, which was really outstanding in underscoring the many needs we have in this field. I enjoyed it very much

“Sounds fantastic”
“Inspiring talks and very interesting discussions, great meeting”
Thank you for such an outstanding meeting.. One of the best – a very inspiring day!
“I know how good these meetings are”
Thank you for the symposium yesterday.  I returned on the train last night with renewed enthusiasm and a desire to try and improve our service.
“I am sure that it will be as entertaining and thought provoking as ever”