Beyond TME

Assessing outcomes in primary or recurrent rectal or sigmoid cancer with tumour extending beyond the TME plane

The Beyond TME study is a multicentre prospective trial of patients, who require more ex-tensive surgery, using a novel compartmental imaging classification system. Accurate base-line (ie prior to surgery) staging of patients considered for exenterative surgery will enable a higher likelihood of resection of all potentially affected compartments, which is likely to improve R0 rates and survival. At the same time it will enable better selection of those patients with absolute and relative contraindications to surgery, who would potentially benefit from preoperative treatment and prevent unnecessary resections beyond TME planes, a cause of considerable morbidity. All patients that will potentially undergo surgery beyond the Total Mesorectal excision (TME) in the participating centres are eligible for inclusion. Inoperable patients are also included so that their follow-up and quality of life information can be compared to patients in the same cohort who undergo exenterative surgery.

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