Rectal MRI virtual handson workshops

Research driven evidence based understanding of colorectal cancer for the benefit of patients

Audience: radiologists, surgeons and oncologists

The workshop will provide you with essential knowledge for MDT working and MRI assessment in different clinical scenarios with details revision of anatomy and interpretation criteria with hands on workstation practice for assessing rectal cancer cases and pelvic anatomy and how this is applied to treatment planning to optimise patient care through your MDTs.

Registration fee: £635

18 CPD points


Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th October 2023

How is the course run?

We have replicated the real world handson workshop online so there are the same periods of self study, lectures, worked examples, discussions and self assessments as before. The only difference is that we rely more on you to be fully engaged.

We expect you to complete staging of all cases and assessments that we set throughout the course and to submit your answers via our voting app. By doing this Gina can understand how best to tailor her teaching to you. Although she can’t physically stand behind you, through screen sharing she can answer individual questions but in a way that benefits the group. Everyone will be given the opportunity to present case examples in real time so that Gina can pass on practical tips as to how stage in a methodical way when presenting at an MDT.

We aim for you to leave the course not with a list of correct answers to a specific set of cases, but with a set of practical tools that you can use in your MDTs and rectal cancer reporting.

What do I need to attend?


External mouse – All programmes will run on a standard computer but you will need a mouse with a scroll button to use the PACS software successfully. A touchpad will not suffice.

Webcam – we are trying to recreate a ‘real world’ workshop as much as possible and so it is important that during lectures and discussions following self study periods that Gina and your fellow delegates are able see you


You will receive links to all of the software in advance of the course so you can make sure you are able to fully participate.

Zoom – what else?  Please practice saying ‘Can you see my screen? ‘ and ‘You’re on mute’…

Cloudshare – a virtual desktop you will access to use Sectra PACS for course teaching and self study. You will be asked to share your screen so please launch this on the same computer as Zoom.

Slido – online voting app used to record assessment answers – we recommend you use this on your phone or another computer so that you don’t have to keep swapping windows

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