6 vs 12

Optimum timing for surgery after pre-operative radiotherapy

In rectal cancer, radiotherapy is frequently given prior to surgery to enable complete removal and reduce recurrence. Uncertainty remains regarding the timing of surgery and a delay to 12-14 weeks has been hypothesised as advantageous.

The 6vs12 trial is a multicentre randomised clinical trial. Individuals diagnosed with rectal cancer of T3 stage and above will be identified at colorectal MDT and offered randomisation between surgery at 6-8 or 12-14 weeks following completion of radiotherapy. PET/CT, pelvic MRI and final histopathology will be used to determine the response to radiotherapy. The degree of down-staging and tumour regression at 6-8 versus 12-14 weeks will then be compared.

The 6 vs 12 trial is now closed to recruitment.

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