Sigmoid WISE

The Sigmoid WISE study

We wish to investigate the ‘waist’ in the distal sigmoid mesentery and define the sigmoid. Identification of the level in the distal sigmoid colon and where ‘waisting’ occurs will enable us to stage tumours at this level as high-risk on pre-operative imaging. Definition of the sigmoid colon by anatomical landmarks using MRI will differentiate upper rectal and sigmoid colon tumours to improve management.


  • There is a narrowing of the upper rectum and the sigmoid mesentery and that this may increase the risk of an incomplete resection.
  • MRI imaging can be used to define the upper extent of the rectum and the beginning of the sigmoid.


  • To determine whether there is a level at which the ‘waisting’ occurs in the recto-sigmoid mesentery and the variability present within the population
  • To compare anatomical landmarks of the rectosigmoid junction on MRI and histopathology
  • To determine differences in measurements on MRI with CT and histopathology of:
    • the distance of the rectum from the anal verge
    • the length of the “rectosigmoid junction”
    • the dimensions of the mesorectum and mesocolon.

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